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A peek inside the journal:

  • Made Sustainable 🌎

    My Journey to Jennah Journal has been designed with the environment in mind. 100% plastic-free, fully recyclable, and compostable. Printed on recycled paper and is bound in 100% linen fabric. 

  • 90-Day Return 💲

    We’re confident you’ll experience transformative change. If you are not completely satisfied, you can request a refund within 90 days of your purchase. We're here to support you every step of the way.

  • Giving Back 🤝

    We are committed to giving back – a portion of our proceeds is dedicated to supporting people in need, reinforcing our belief in the power of charity and community support.

Unlock a path to mindfulness and spiritual growth with 'My Journey to Jennah' – the ultimate Islamic journal.

How it works

→ Serves as your spiritual companion, helping you through daily practices to strengthen your connection with Allah.

→ Think of it as your daily dose of positivity and mindfulness, helping your mind against negativity.

→ With structured exercises and heartfelt reflections, this journal leads you on a transformative journey, enhancing the faithful person you already are.



→ Daily Spiritual Guidance: Start your day with Quranic verses and inspirational Hadiths to provide spiritual inspiration and motivation.

→ Practical Spiritual Growth: This journal integrates Islamic principles into your daily life through easy-to-follow prompts, promoting spiritual growth without complexity.

→ Simplified Journaling: With straightforward sections, this journal simplifies the process, making daily commitment easy.

→ Capture Special Moments: Record your spiritual journey, including discoveries, blessings, and personal reflections. Revisiting it helps you see your spiritual growth.

journal breakdown

Morning Routine

→ Begin your day with intention and devotion. Open your journal to find inspirational Quranic verses and Hadiths that will set a positive tone for your morning.

→ Take a moment for Dhikr to remember Allah and prepare your heart for the day ahead.

→ Express gratitude for the blessings in your life to cultivate mindfulness and joy.

→ Plan good deeds to spread kindness.

→ Reflect on one of Allah's beautiful Names.


journal breakdown

Night Routine

→ Seek Istighfar to purify your intentions and end the day with a clear conscience.

→ Reflect on the three amazing things that happened to you, acknowledging Allah's blessings.

→ Log your prayer and Quran reading to keep track of your spiritual growth.

→ Dedicate time to personal supplication (Dua), pouring out your heart to Allah with your hopes, concerns, and gratitude.


Journal breakdown

Weekly Letter to Allah

This personal space is designed for you to pen a letter to Allah SWT. It's a place for intimate conversation and reflection, where you can pour out your thoughts, express gratitude, seek guidance, or share your worries and hopes.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
My Islamic Journey

Such an amazing find, especially for my recent revert friends.

I personally love the prayer tracker because it helps keep me accountable and make praying second nature and something I think about more frequently. It helps me set goals for myself related to Islam which is exactly what I needed this Ramadan.

For my friends now discovering Islam they love how the journal makes learning and becoming Muslim very manageable and less “ scary”

Definitely will continue to purchase as a gift for friends.

My Journey to Jennah | A Daily Islamic Journal

It’s amazing

I started the journal on the first day of Ramadan and it was a great way to reflect on my Deen. Starting off my day with good thoughts and ways to improve my iman made me feel more grounded. I love that each page has a different passage of the Quran and name of Allah with the meaning. The digital version makes it easier to make adjustments and I find it easier to type some Duas in Arabic. Overall I love this journal and can’t wait to continue using it during and after Ramadan 🤍

Wow wow 🤩 love it..

Such an elegant, beautiful and high quality journal, love that is so light weight and easy to travel with.

I loved how the seller took the time to package it beautifully and sent it with a personalized note and some goodies :)


Its beautiful nd I’m glad I purchased

Awesome way to help with

Awesome way to help with gratitude

Love it!!

My jaw dropped when it arrived in the mail! The journal is absolutely beautiful. You can definitely see that Sahar put a lot of thought and love into this. Writing in it makes me not only dig deep but makes me so appreciative of the small blessings Allah SWT provides me with. I feel very at peace writing in it and it’s only been a week since receiving it. The order also came with freebies. Stickers and a finger counter which was a pleasant surprise. What I loved the most overall was Sahar took the time to write me a personal thank you note. That type of dedication and gratitude is hard to come by. I implore everyone to buy this amazing journal. I definitely will be rebuying when I finish writing in it. Thank you again Sahar for this beautiful journal you brought into the world. May Allah bless you abundantly!

Absolutely LOVED IT!!!

i got my journal 2days back and uh so beautiful and thoughtful it is Mashallah.😍 Absolutely loved it. Thank you for introducing it to us and also for the freebies!! May Allah(s.w.t) bless you! 🤍

Amazing journal

This journal is amazing. Sahar, thank you for this and thank you for always lifting up others to remain steadfast in their faith. JZK!

Beautiful journal with tons of information and tips also really liked my stickers and tally counter :)

I love it! It has more information than l thought it would. Jazak Allahul Khairan for the little gifts.

Love it

Last night I went to sleep with the intention to wake up for fajr and the first thing I grabbed after prayer was my journal. I love it. It’s pushing me towards keeping up with my prayers. Thank you !