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My Journey to Jennah | A Daily Islamic Journal

My Journey to Jennah | A Daily Islamic Journal

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Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth with the My Journey to Jennah Journal. Crafted specifically for Muslims seeking a structured path to stay consistent or enhance their daily religious practices, this journal is your perfect companion for every day of the year.

- A5 
- Linen
- 3 months 

Key Features:

Daily Dhikr and Istighfar Sections: Start and end your day with guided Dhikr and Istighfar, helping to center your thoughts and purify your intentions.
Gratitude Log: Cultivate a habit of gratitude with daily prompts to reflect on the blessings in your life, fostering a positive mindset and spiritual contentment.
Prayer and Quran Tracking: Keep meticulous records of your Salah and Quran reading progress, enhancing your consistency and devotion.
Personal Reflections and Dua Space: Dedicated sections for personal Duas and reflections allow you to communicate with Allah on a personal level, documenting your spiritual queries and thoughts.
Morning and Evening Routines: Structured layouts guide your spiritual activities from dawn till dusk, ensuring a holistic approach to your Islamic duties and personal growth.

Enhances Spiritual Discipline: Regular use of the journal helps develop and strengthen your daily worship routines and spiritual mindfulness.
Promotes Self-Reflection: By encouraging daily reflection, the journal aids in personal development and offers insights into your spiritual journey.
Ideal Gift for Any Occasion: With its elegant design and comprehensive features, the My Journey to Jennah Journal is the perfect gift for Ramadan, Eid, Nikkah, or graduation.

Special Features:

Letter to Allah: A dedicated section for writing personal letters to Allah, providing a private space for spiritual communication.
99 Names of Allah: Includes a guide to the 99 names of Allah, enhancing your understanding and connection to divine attributes.

Digital Download: Instantly accessible digital version available, allowing you to start your spiritual journey without delay. Click here: Islamic Journal Instant download

Discover the peace and purpose you’ve been seeking with the My Journey to Jennah Journal. Elevate your faith, track your progress, and explore the depths of your spirituality with this beautifully designed Islamic journal.

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A peek inside the journal:

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

Amazing. Wife absolutely loved. Came fast and very durably wrapped for optimum safety while shipped.

Magda Abdel
My Islamic Journey

Such an amazing find, especially for my recent revert friends.

I personally love the prayer tracker because it helps keep me accountable and make praying second nature and something I think about more frequently. It helps me set goals for myself related to Islam which is exactly what I needed this Ramadan.

For my friends now discovering Islam they love how the journal makes learning and becoming Muslim very manageable and less “ scary”

Definitely will continue to purchase as a gift for friends.

Samar Abdalla

My Journey to Jennah | A Daily Islamic Journal


I cannot wait to write in this journal and to use it to get closer to Allah and to increase my Islamic faith. This is a start and a very useful tool for anyone wanting to get better with your seen and getting closer to Allah. Update! I love this journal. It has guided me so much. THANK YOU❤️

Asoma M.
Wow wow 🤩 love it..

Such an elegant, beautiful and high quality journal, love that is so light weight and easy to travel with.

I loved how the seller took the time to package it beautifully and sent it with a personalized note and some goodies :)